Lady Gaga Wears McQueen to the VMAs

The phrase, "the clothes make the man," or in this case, the woman, couldn't ring more true for a star like Lady Gaga. Even when she's not on stage, the perennial performer is constantly giving us something to look at. Her appearance at last night's VMAs featured three different get-ups, from a dress that resembled strips of raw meat (lest you think it was unintentional, just check out the steak on her head, via the FabLife), to an overflowing rubber number that bullets would have bounced off of. But it was her entrance-making Alexander McQueen gown that seemed the most fitting for Gaga's night of victories.

Accompanied by a member from each of the U.S. armed forces, Gaga made her white-carpet entrance in a baroque-inspired, trompe l'oeil-detailed gown from McQueen's final collection. Adding to the full-on effect (this is Lady Gaga, after all), was a gold feathered mohawk ornament perched atop Gaga's aqua-turqouise ombre dip-dyed locks, as well as the designer's infamous "armadillo" heels—the same ones she donned in her "Bad Romance" video, which took one of the night's first awards for Best Female Video. During her acceptance speech, she thanked the late McQueen for designing the gown (clearly it's a certain kind of clothes that make the woman).

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