Lady Gaga Wears Lace Armani Bodysuit on American Idol

Days after shocking fans with her absence from the red carpet at the Met Ball, then sporting a conservative Prada black suit during the party, Lady Gaga was back to her lace bodysuit goodness on American Idol last night.

In an interview with WWD, the designer expressed his appreciation for the poppet and described her Idol outfit as a costume of "pure fantasy" spun from mesh and Chantilly lace with an organza silk cape.  Armani said he believes Gaga casts a spell every time she steps out, thusly the otherworldly drama of his creations for the pop star.

Gaga's performance of "Alejandro" was pre-taped, and, she claims, Fox "chopped up" the performance in four separate places to cut down on time. The pop star subsequently sent out a link on Twitter to the complete, unedited version of the performance, which you can watch on Perez Hilton.

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