Know Right Now: Institute of a Dress

Abby Lutz started Institute of a Dress in May 2008, and ever since we've come to love her airy layering and artful deconstruction. With February shows slowly approaching, we wanted to check in with the designer for any hints of what we can expect as well as what fashion blogs she's loving right now. 

How did growing up in Vermont affect your aesthetic?

Nature and natural occurrences defiantly influence the aesthetic of Institute of Dress.  Happy mistakes and the constant evolution of a garment are a large part of the process in creating the collection. Both things which are a constant on a rural farm in Vermont.

What kind of woman wears your clothing?

Actually, a wide variety tends to wear Institute of a Dress--the older, more bohemian customer as well as the younger, more rocker customer.  The common thread could be they’re all feminists.

What are your clothing favorite stores in NYC?

Assembly and If.  Assembly is a small, intimate store and the owner has done great things to space.  You find small details that are beautiful.  If in Soho because they have a creative buy for both men and women and carry unusual collections.

Do you have any favorite fashion magazines or websites?

Lately, I’ve been addicted to Susie Bubble's blog.  I don’t read it so much as only look at the pictures, but she finds the best little unknown designers, stores, and oddities.

Your silhouettes always seem just a little unexpected. How do you get your inspiration?

Specific inspiration is tough to pin down.  It comes from all over; architecture, art, science, etc. It’s a very organic process, one idea leads to another until the idea is deemed complete. 

What other designers do you admire and why?

Ann Demuelemeester has been a designer I can keep looking to. She has what she does down to a science, and yet it remains fresh season after season.  She also has a silhouette and style that works for a wide range of sizes and ages, I always admire when someone can accomplish that.

Any hints for your upcoming collection? Where are you in the process today?

I’m frantically sampling Autumn/Winter 2010!!!  It’s going to be true to IofD with the structured jackets and pants paired softer dresses and tops.  One thing new for A/W 10 will be the introduction of prints--very excited and nervous.

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