Kimberly Ovitz Spring 2012: Ethereal Whites with a Blush of Color

Having recently moved to New York from L.A., designer Kim Ovitz focused on mostly monochromatic, loose, deconstructed silhouettes paired with "half-sole" shoes.

When asked whether the move had inspired her collection, she coyly replied: "Perhaps."

Playing it coy fit in with the subtlety of her spring 2012 collection, which was predominantly white, with splashes of burnt beige and orange, as well as a few token pieces with subtle dyed prints. Silhouettes were deconstructed and loosely pieced together in diaphanous fabrics, and the only embellishment -- if it could be called that -- came in the form of patch pockets, striped seams on sheer trousers, and draped lapels.

Models walked in sandals with soles that cut off mid-foot, leaving the toes in an exaggerated overhang, creating the impression that the models were actually barefoot. 

Ovitz began thinking about her spring collection after the disaster in Japan, pouring her reaction to the tragedy into the collection's pieces. Save for a lightness in the garments, the line's depth of thought and emotion was apparent.

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