Kim Kardashian Plays Mrs. Robinson to Justin Bieber’s Graduate for Elle

Elle Magazine

September issue fever has officially taken hold, with more and more ingenious shoots surfacing as the various glossies hit the stands. Case in point: Elle's brilliant pairing of Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber in a "Graduate"-themed spread.

Paparazzi photos of the twosome actually surfaced back in June, prompting more than a few queries as to why the two would be frolicking together on a beach (and why, especially, Ms. Kardashian would be wearing a cocktail dress in the water). Now, as Kardashian's blog reveals, the photos were for a shoot in the September issue of Elle Magazine, wherein the twosome posed as a latter-day Mrs. Robinson and Benjamin Braddock.

Overall, we must admit, it's a fairly clever ruse -- and worth clicking through more of the photos on Kim Kardashian's personal blog -- though we must admit, Kim herself seems like a rather odd choice for Mrs. Robinson ...

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