Kim Kardashian, Bulgari Among Big Bidders on Liz Taylor's Jewels

The Christie's auction of Elizabeth Taylor's spectacular jewelry broke records by racking up about $116 million, and among those bidding were a reality star and the jewelry company that made some of Taylor's most iconic pieces.

According to The New York Post, Bulgari spent about $20 million buying back some of its own pieces from Taylor's estate, including a sautoir that featured a 52.72-carat cabochon sapphire and this much-photographed diamond-and-sapphire necklace, which sold for more than $6 million.  “They put a lot of companies out of the race," a source apparently told The Post. "The numbers were off the charts.”

In addition to the legendary jeweler, reality starlet Kim Kardashian was among the highest bidders for a few pieces from the auction. Kardashian told Us Weekly that she was "honored" to buy several Lorraine Schwartz bracelets that belonged to the former star, setting her back a reported $64,900.

"Elizabeth Taylor was an idol of mine and I'm honored to now own something from her collection," Kardashian, 31, tells Us Weekly. "The Lorraine Schwartz jade bracelets are special because jade transfers energy, so I will cherish these bracelets with her energy in them for the rest of my life!"

As it happens, Kardashian was the last person to interview the star for a feature in the March issue of Harper's Bazaar. At the time, she'd joked that she was "six husbands behind" Taylor, but with her second marriage now behind her, Kardashian may be catching up.
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