Kim Kardashian Brushes off Knock-Off Talk

kardashian fendi knock off
Getty Images, Fendi

It's hard to keep up with those Kardashians, especially when Kim Kardashian responds to accusations her bebe/Kardashians line knocked off Fendi using the old "they do it all the time" defense.  

We gotta admit, we're not always huge fans of Perez Hilton, but sometimes he's right on the money -- as he was in drawing parallels between one of Kardashian's new looks for her Bebe line and a two-year-old Fendi design. Most interestingly, Kim Kardashian's response does not strike us as one manufactured by her PR, which is ironic, considering she's just about to debut a show she's executive producing on that very concept ("Spindustry").  On the contrary, her retort -- insisting that everything at the mall is a knock-off, and not just her dress -- is refreshingly honest and undoubtedly cringe-worthy to the aforementioned publicists excluded from Kim's blogging.

Yes, the dress is nearly identical and yes, the tag has Kim Kardashian's name on it -- however, judging from Kim's participation as a front-row audience member at the runway show for the collection she supposedly designed, we're thinking she wasn't wholly responsible for the actual creation of the garments and therefore can't be held solely responsible for the alleged copying.  In which case, perhaps she should stay out of the damage control as well? Just a thought.

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