Katie Holmes Presents (in Words Only) New Line Holmes & Yang

Getty Images

Katie Holmes unveiled her collection to WWD yesterday. We read about it, get the basic idea, but without pictures, who really can tell? 

The Maxfield LA-exclusive line between the star-by-marriage and her stylist (who does quite a good job, we must say) has a color palette inspired by the ballet - think black, cream and pale pink - and in ways we're not sure we understand, is inspired by the lives of Holmes' friends.  Pieces include silk and lace dresses and blouses, shirt dresses and jackets, the latter of which retails for a wallet-whopping $3,888.  The children's line begins at $500; surely such pieces will come in handy when your toddler has a wildly important event during the two weeks the clothes will fit her, but, we digress.

Please excuse us if we're a little tart today, but between the air of presumption and high prices surrounding Katie Holmes' line, and the shocking (but also kind of hilarious) news that the Pete Wentz Clandestine Industries fashion week show and party are shutting out media - more on this in a few - the whole celebrity involvement in the fashion industry leaves us with a sour taste in our otherwise quite pretty mouths. 

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