Katie Holmes Confirmed as Star of “Viral” Campaign

Getty Images

Almost a week earlier than announced, Katie Holmes has been outed by Elle.com as the mysterious brunette starlet in a self-consciously "viral" video campaign.

The contents of Katie's handbag, however, remains a $20,000 question, and anyone willing to hazard a guess must to do so by registering through the contest's official Facebook page within the next 24 hours. Elle—which claims to already know the answer—advised hopefuls that "Holmes is the star of a new campaign for a huge brand. So, um, whatever is in her bag probably has to do with that." Perhaps there's a second, smaller Valextra bag inside her Valextra satchel?

We maintain that there are two voices in the video and one seems to us to be almost unmistakably Anne Hathaway's, which makes us wonder if there won't be some second announcement in the near future when the "viral" smoke clears and a complete video is released.

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