Kate Middleton’s Wedding Dress Already Inspiring Knock-Offs for Charity

Getty Images

For months, buzz has surrounded the dress that Kate Middleton will wear for her wedding to Prince William tomorrow morning. Now that the date is upon us, the next frenzy has already gotten set to ensue—the race to copy said dress.

We haven't even seen it yet, but designer Allen B. Schwartz has already been commissioned to create a gown "inspired by" the royal wedding gown, to be auctioned off for the 18th Annual Race to Erase MS in Beverly Hills tomorrow night, WWD reports.

That's right. Just about 12 hours after the dress makes its international debut, “There’ll be a look-alike of Prince William in uniform and one of Kate in the wedding dress coming down the runway [at the event]," Schwartz told WWD. 

According to the report, Schwartz will wake up at 3:30 a.m., along with millions of other people, but with the intention to work—he'll have to start sketching and planning the dress, to be completed by that evening.

Naturally, Schwartz doesn't mind the pressure, musing on the benefits to business: “You’re not just talking about Lindsay Lohan," he said. "You’re talking about royalty."

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