Street Style: Kate's Highlighter-Bright Proenza Skirt

If ever someone needed to halt traffic with a blindingly bright outfit, Kate Fleming's highlighter-orange skirt would do the trick.

"It's Proenza!," Miss Fleming exclaims as we inspect its delicate crocheted floral details, some of the beauty of which is lost on the camera.

The skirt -- fresh from Proenza Schouler's spring/summer collection -- melts from searingly neon orange at the waist to deep magenta along the hem.

Clearly, this is not a color combo for everyone, but Miss Fleming -- a handbag designer by trade -- pulls it off easily, styling the look with "his T-shirt." (Laughing, she pointed to an equally stylish boyfriend waiting on the curb.)

Fleming, who aptly described her everyday look as "modern eclectic," finished the look with coral charm baubles from NYC-based jewelry label, Subversive, which cleverly picked up some of the color in her skirt without overwhelming it (as if anything could).

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