Karl Lagerfeld for Coca-Cola Light (Seriously)

karl lagerfeld coca light

Karl Lagerfeld has a taste quirky collaborations (massive safes, anyone?), and his next project involves a limited-edition, $81 Coca-Light box set (that's European for Diet Coke) with Paris boutique Colette.

Oh, Karl, what will you think of next?  There are plenty of gals out there who love Karl Lagerfeld, Diet Coke and the color pink, so what's really wild is that the new black, white and pink case o' Coke (with a sleek silhouette of the Kaiser on its side), even at upwards of eighty dollars, is sure to fly off the shelves at Colette.  And when we say "case," we mean fancy box containing one bottle of Coca-Light, plus a little bottle opener that pulls out of a drawer underneath the beverage.  We should add that we didn't miss the fact that the model Lagerfeld chose to feature on the "Coca Light" project is none other than Coco Rocha. Coco for Coca-Cola -- nice choice!

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