Karen Walker's New Vampy Eyewear

Is it just us, or is vampire-themed eyewear going to be huge this spring? Last week we introduced you to designer Shee Fun Chan and her spooky/cool "blood drip" aviators. This week, we hear  our favorite Kiwi designer, Karen Walker, has rolled out a spring eyewear collection so irresistible, it promises to get even the most sun-phobic (i.e. blood-sucking) fashionistas to do some serious basking.

The collection, modeled by fanged lads and lasses, features Ms. Walker's signature bold plastic frames mixed with a few clean metal shapes.  The wit and playfulness that made Walker famous comes through not only in her choice of ghoulish company, but the names of the frames themselves: "Helter Skelter," "Voodoo," and "Jonestown" will all become available at the conclusion of the holiday season.

Karen Walker eyewear is carried in Barneys, Otte, Odin and Steven Alan stores.  For complete stocking info check karenwalkereyewear.com.

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