Karen Walker: Cozy and Rustic

The Thread

I was very jealous of the models at Karen Walker. Yes, they had the perfect red pout and amazingly cool ponytails. But that's not why I was so envious. It was because they all looked so warm and cozy!! Walker bundled up a lot of the looks with big, knit hats and coats with collars fluffy enough to double as scarves. Plus, there were ridiculously cool sunglasses, per usual. And a few strapless cocktail dresses too. Sound eclectic? It's because Walker's inspiration this season came from an unlikely pairing: Bob Dylan and the Von Trapps. Together, you ended up with plenty of woodsy fabrics like corduroy, wool flannel, a little boyish influence with shrunken blazers and sharp, skinny trousers and some Austrian Alps-ready sheepskin pieces.

Really, how I gauge a show is by asking: Have I made a mental note to make sure to buy some of this stuff next season? And after Walker, I definitely did.

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