Kanye West Reportedly Drops $22K on Fabric, Sends Out Invites for Fashion Show

If there was ever any doubt that Kanye West was staging a fashion show in Paris, it has dissipated today: The rock star-turned-designer has sent out official invites. 

The story of Kanye West's first womenswear collection has evolved from sensational gossip to bona fide reality, with West making an admirable attempt to establish credibility in the industry -- even making a point of being hands-on in the process.

Most recently, West reportedly visited London Trimmings for $22,000 of fabric and zippers, BBC reports. And while we do hope that the collection is not necessarily short of that much fabric just two days before showtime, the outing does demonstrate the rapper's commitment to his new trade.

Store owner Ashraf Loonat told the BBC that West came in without an entourage, and was very polite and interested in what they had to say, telling them, "I want to work from the ground upwards, I don't want to leave it to someone else." On his second visit, he even took tea (with "one sugar, please").

The results of West's work will be unveiled at a show on Saturday in Paris.

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