Julia Roberts Bought Her Golden Globes Dress at Downtown Boutique

julia roberts globes dress thumb
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While most of the evening's stars walked the red carpet in long, dramatic loaner gowns, it turns out Julia Roberts bought her dress from a vintage boutique right here in Nolita.

Frock NYC, on Elizabeth Street, is a brilliant source for vintage designer dresses -- right now the store has a vintage red Alaia minidress for $1250 and a scarlet Valentino dress for $1800, along with several other YSL dresses -- and apparenty Roberts was already a regular when she dropped in and spotted the black YSL cocktail dress that she later had her stylist purchase for her to wear to the Golden Globes.

Owner Evan Ross was apparently just sitting at home like everyone else watching the Globes on TV when he realized the store's coup. As he told WWD, "When she walked in, I thought, 'Wait a minute. That's our dress.'"

It's not quite Angelina Jolie's $26 vintage dress, but it's seriously refreshing to hear about a starlet breaking out his or her own wallet to snap up awards show attire -- especially when said cash is going to independent boutiques downtown.

Frock NYC is located at 170 Elizabeth Street

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