Jonathan Adler Creates Colorful Clothes for Seven for All Mankind

jonathan adler for seven
WWD, Getty Images

Interior designer Jonathan Adler will turn his attention to fashion starting May 12  with a limited-edition collection of six jeans and six accompanying tops for Seven for All Mankind.

Best known for his for his entirely original interiors, bursting with bright personality, Adler will bring that cheery-prep personality to a new line of men's and women's apparel for the denim brand. Together, they've created three moods -- Deluxe, Rustic and Pop -- with a men's and women's look each, for a total of six Adler-designed outfits. The collection will retail between a pleasant $90-$210, consisting of the casual-and-beachy Deluxe, the modern-earthy Rustic (which seems counter-intuitive, but maybe not) and then the preppy color-contrasted Pop. 

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