John Legend Takes it to Church, Talks Fashion

Musician John Legend - clad in a Gucci tux, no less - combined his angelic voice and piano skills with the virtuoso of the piano, Lang Lang, to provide an overwhelmingly powerful performance at St, Bartholomew’s Church. 

At Dom Perignon’s “Power of Creation,” the R&B powerhouse performed for an intimate crowd that included fashion designer Christian Siriano, actress Kelly Rutherford, and singer Maxwell. 

The performance was followed by a candlelight dinner in the center of the church. Before sitting down to indulge, Legend took a few minutes to talk with Thread NY about all things fashion and a little bit of church.

You live in New York, what are your go-tos for holiday dressing when it starts getting this cold?

Well I just bought this shawl collar YSL sweater, it is awesome, I love it! I’ve worn it a few times. Whenever I get a sweater I love I try to wear it in different places and see how many times I can get away with it.

What’s the first thing you grab when you’re doing a photo shoot?

At the end of the day you want to feel comfortable and make sure it represents a version of you that you want people to see. So when you try it on you look in the mirror and think, ‘Do I look good? Do I look sexy.’ If yes then go for it.

Are you most comfortable in a suit or formal attire?

Because I do a lot of these kinds of events I end up dressing like this, but if you see me on the street  you’ll see me in a bubble coat and some jeans and some boots.

Really? Like Timberland boots?

Yeah, sometimes.  Trust me it happens.

How does it feel to be playing in church tonight?

Well, I grew up playing in the church so my whole life was in the church. I was actually in churches in Cleveland on Sunday before election day during a get out the vote effort. I spoke and sang at a few churches so I’m quite used to that scene. 

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