Street Style: Jessica Sports All-American Style

Catherine Blair Pfander

Every Fourth of July we're astounded by how many new things retailers have managed to print flags on: bikinis, cut-off shorts, baseball hats, sneakers ... We even spotted the occasional star-spangled picnic basket in Central Park.

But the subtle red-and-blue ensemble sported by Jessica Seibert put them all to shame: Quietly patriotic with just a splash of retro chic, Seibert basked in the waning holiday sunlight looking like a modern day Lauren Bacall.

"I just found this at Urban," she says of her adorable checked sundress. The white strappy sandals were a score from Seychelles.

"I always go for more vintage stuff -- '50s vintage in particular," she explains. "I like a good high waist."

While her present outfit didn't allow for much scrappiness, we could easily envision Miss Seibert clad in a pair of high-cut culottes and a baseball tee a la "A League of Their Own," perhaps for a stylish turn around the baseball diamond on which we found her.

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