Jersey Shore’s J-Woww Dishes on New Clothing Line

LatinContent/Getty Images

We had the pleasure of sitting behind J-Woww and the ensuing pap-frenzy at the bebe/Kardashians runway show this week, and it turns out the Jersey Shore-goer is just getting started with her fashion-related ventures.  The reality star recently told Stylelist that she's collaborating with not one, not two, but three different designers on the new line, drawing on Ed Hardy and Marc Jacobs as inspirations. (Quite a contrast, there, J-Woww!)

If you've seen The Jersey Shore, or, for that matter, any TV at all, you're familiar with J-Woww's look, and can expect much of the same to come from her upcoming line.  According to J-Woww, the bedazzled threads will come ripped and shredded, and will include variations on her infamous "boob sling". Look for the Shore to light up with J-Woww's line come July.   

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