Jeremy Laing: Minimalism with a Pacific Northwest Bent

Upstart Jeremy Laing may be known for his simplicity and layering, but this season the area around Northern British Columbia gave his fall collection a mysterious, almost tribal vibe.

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The Thread
Laing told us that his influences centered around the northern area of British Columbia. The designer himself is based in Toronto and centers his manufacturing in Canada, so using his roots as a basis for design seems about right.
The Thread
Laing said he was choosing to keep "a respectful" silence concerning the tragic death of Alexander McQueen, for whom he once apprenticed. Laing's embrace of varied textures and punk influences (as seen in this zipper jacket) seem to dovetail with McQueen's, but Laing is genuinely his own talent.
The Thread
A massive, bear-like hood telegraphed grizzly fashion -- and as over-the-top as it may seem, we think it's just the ticket for these sub-zero temperatures.
The Thread
The lush green-brown prints on this elegantly-draped dress and jumpsuit were, according to Laing, evocative of "color from corroded metal."
The Thread
This simple, layered look is evocative of Laing's trademark minimalism. Even the designer's collection was displayed in an art gallery-inspired presentation. Laing admitted he hated runway shows. "Maybe it's our West Coast vibe," he admitted. "This is more laid-back."
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