Jennifer Lopez's Gucci Ads Featuring Her Kids Revealed

After having previewed its children's collection in Milan in June, Gucci has finally unveiled the advertisements for its latest line, starring J.Lo and her twins.

The rumor mills started churning after Lopez was snapped cavorting with her twins, Emme and Max, in front of Mert and Marcus' famous lens weeks ago -- the most hot-button issue, of course, being whether or not the star would be putting her twins in an actual ad campaign. (Rumors that the star wouldn't allow her children's faces to be shown in the campaign, but those rumors have officially been laid to rest.)

The rumors were finally confirmed today after Gucci released images on its Facebook page and Twitter of Lopez and the twins, clad head-to-toe in Gucci. In addition, the brand posted images of the new children's collection -- including itty-bitty pea coats and little belted trench coats.

What's more, WWD reports that Gucci has agreed to make charitable donations to both UNICEF and the Maribel Foundation, which was founded by Lopez and her sister.

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