Jen Kao: Romantic Colors, Avatar-inspired Dresses, and Fringe

The Thread

Jen Kao's fall/winter 2010 collection conjured up cosmic bombshells, with the designer's signature blend of body and bling.

A dark romantic color palette of black with deep emerald and wine began with fierce ebony leather that came trimmed in fur and Avatar-esque mini dresses were sexy and powerful.  Somehow, chunky, loose cashmere knits were made brilliantly into body-con dresses and python into a dramatic ruffle.  We saw fringe that looked like cascades of thin pins and and elegant mesh. 

We've been sniffing out a trend - geometric back cut-outs - and Jen Kao's were brilliant on a jersey dress.  As short as the hems soared, full-length skirts, gowns and a streamlined bodysuit held their own.  More corset-shaped belts came through this collection as well.

Kao once again collaborated with Eddie Borgo on jewelry, and for the first time, sent her models stomping precariously down the runway in 7-inch Aleandro Ingelmo.  M.A.C. gave the girls strong, no-holds-barred makeup while hair was long and be-banged. 

In chatting with the adorbs designer after the show, we got the intel on Kao's inspiration, which was a blend of antique lithographs of Moby Dick and natural elements like storm clouds and geological metals.  Per usual, cool beyond our wildest imagination.

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