Jane's Closet Pop-Up to Stay Put in Williamsburg

The fantastical world of Jane's Closet had intended to only stay at the North 6th pop-up shop for three months back in February, but the spot apparently grew on her and now The New York Times reports that she's staying for good.

Having first set up a temporary pop-up shop as a brick & mortar outpost of the three-year-old e-commerce site, it seems Jane's outpost is the classic example of how a pop-up should work: Start temporary, build a fan base, establish a more permanent presence. What's billed as girly girl innocence on the site and in the store is really a front for some pretty serious fashion know-how, as one discovers by the brands that are stocked, from Charlotte Ronson to Melie Bianco to Susan Hanover and so many more.

Having Jane's Closet in Williamsburg to stay seems like a major plus for both the neighborhood and the website, because often an e-commerce experience doesn't translate as well as, say, a tactile experience can.  

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