Mood Board: Jade Lai's Egyptian Landscapes and Moroccan Rugs

Jade Lai, owner of Creatures of Comfort and designer of their eponymous house collection, curates one of the most diverse selections of global design talent around at her New York and Los Angeles locations.

Because she's always scouring the earth for fabulous new designers, we know we can always turn to Creatures of Comfort when we've tired of familiar Stateside fare, and never fail to come home with some peculiar piece by a new Scandinavian or Belgian up-and-comer. Inspired by travel and the great outdoors, Lai incorporates vibrant color and unusal texture into her COC collection as well as her personal wardobe.

Katherine Hepburn:  "Katherine Hepburn is one of my style icons. She is feminine, beautiful, glamorous, talented, strong and highly individual."

Emily Dickinson: "Every moment is the sweetest moment."

Persian "Bear" Rug: "I am often attracted to things that is rich in cultural references, yet filled with humor."

Traditional African Clothing: "I love the colors and the mixing of textures in this image."

Amish Quilts: "I love the handmade aspects of the amish, it gives such rich results."

Moroccan Rugs: "I can look at it all day. Really they are some of the most beautiful things in the world."

Jil Sander: "This Fall/Winter 11 Jil Sander print drives me wild!"

Vintage Egyptian Travel Photo: "This is how i feel sometimes ... "

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