Ivanka Trump Plans Global Expansion of Jewelry Line

Ivanka Trump might very well be even more unstoppable than her father. The budding jewelry designer is apparently so successful that she's planning 30 new stores in the U.S., along with global expansion. How? Because apparently, she can sell out earrings just by tweeting about them.

At least, that's what her new chief executive officer, Andrea Hansen claims. As Hansen told WWD: "Ivanka offers the industry the most important assets and characteristics retailers must demand of their brands now: relevance, a clear and original point of view, good value and the ability to interest and motivate the consumers to shop." How does she motivate consumers? Well, buy appearing on TV and getting her 700,000 followers on Twitter to buy a pair of $750 earrings (true story, apparently the store "had trouble restocking" after she mentioned them).

Trump's jewelry domination will start with 30 U.S. jewelers -- the brand is currently approaching boutiques in Phoenix and Los Angeles -- and if all goes well, will spread to spots like Seoul, Hong Kong, and Abu Dhabi. While the various jewelry st yles under the Ivanka Trump brand may change -- the line is growing to include 65 new styles retailing under $2,000 -- the focus, of course, remains the same: "luxury."

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