Inspiration Spots: Whitney Pozgay's Favorite Williamsburg Haunts

Designer Whitney Pozgay finds inspiration in mid-century antiques and unusual kids' toys.

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Catherine Blair Pfander
Designers' varied inspiration sources are often asked about, but rarely captured in the moment. Whitney Pozgay's namesake collection, Whit, offers an effortless combination of ladylike and tomboy-inspired garb. We accompanied Pozgay on a tour of her Williamsburg 'hood to see what caught her eye.
Catherine Blair Pfander
First on our walk was "Sweet William," an super-curated children's store on North 6th. "Sweet William is on of my favorite stores in the neighborhood," says Pozgay. "I'm sure that the owner thinks it is completely creepy that I go there as often as I do, given that we don't have kids yet, but I really wish that all of of the clothing there came in my size. She does an amazing job of buying. From the toys to the handmade socks, everything is beautifully crafted and classic, but really happy and playful at the same time."
Whitney Pozgay
A pair of star-print cowboy boots catches Whitney's eye. "I really wish these came in my size," says Whitney. "They are the perfect shape cowboy boot and the stars oddly make them cooler and even sophisticated."
Catherine Blair pfander
Carefully-crafted stuffed toys like this embroidered family of foxes are part of what make Sweet William so unique.
Whitney Pozgay
As you might expect from looking at her color-saturated collections, Whitney is often drawn to super-bright hues. "The sales girl at Sweet William had these amazing shoes on. I love the shocking blue suede and might have to hunt them down. She said they were from ASOS."
Catherine Blair Pfander
Our next stop was Grand Street's Moon River Chattel, a quirky home goods store with a turn-of-the-century vibe. "They have beautifully refurbished vintage furniture, but also lovely linens and timeless glass wear," says Whitney. "The entire store is really inspiring. They have done a great job creating a really specific environment, but it never feels forced. Just perfectly selected items. Nothing fussy or contrived. "
Whitney Pozgay
"These rabbit coin banks are a little creepy and rustic, but really dear. They remind me of something my grandmother would have had from her childhood and are better than the usual piggy version."
Catherine Blair Pfander
Whitney pauses to inspect a display of tiny glass bottles filled with blank message cards.
Whitney Pozgay
Moon River also boasts a unique selection of children's books and toys. "I always like dots. I can't help myself," she says.
Whitney Pozgay
Cool collections displayed in big glass mason jars are scattered throughout the shop. "My fiance and I are really fascinated with flora and fauna," says Whitney. "We collect shells, bugs, rocks ... I think we need to start storing in jars like these. I also love the texture of these sea anemones. Would love to make a print based on this for a future season."
Catherine Blair Pfander
Just around the corner is COSMO, a boutique brimming with Mad Men-era antiques and home objects. "This store just has great Atomic-era finds," says Whitney. "Everything is in great condition."
Catherine Blair Pfander
The peculiar woven texture of this lamp demands Whitney's attention. "Would love to find this lamp set a home," she says. "Could translate into a really cool print as well. "
Whitney Pozgay
"There is something really special about the turquoise and blue pottery from the mid-century, but a little goes a long way," Whitney explains. "Turning these into lamps make them feel a little less crafty. The colors are great." Clearly, the designer appreciates a good blue.
Whitney Pozgay
A glinting surface made these rocks impossible to miss on the way out the door. "I thought these were pyrite, but they are actually big pieces of coal. I really like that dark metallic for hardware and fabric. "
Catherine Blair Pfander
Stella Dallas (also known as 10-Foot Single) is Williamsburg's premiere spot for choice vintage home and fashion finds. We started out in the new home addition, piled high with rugs, curtains, and retro fabric samples.
Catherine Blair Pfander
At Stella Dallas, funky quilts and soft cotton blankets are stacked literally as far as the eye can see. Here, Whitney peruses cool '60s motifs.
Whitney Pozgay
Whitney snaps a groovy, swirly-green print in Stella Dallas' "curtain" section.
Whitney Pozgay
"It's silly, but the five-year-old in me finds some serious pleasure in things that are organized by color," Whitney says of a small bin stuffed with bright bandanas.
Catherine Blair Pfander
Whitney paws through vintage aprons and dainty silk handkerchiefs at Stella Dallas.
Catherine Blair Pfander
For Whitney, polka-dots hold an irresistible charm. Here, she inspects an orange-and-black scarf in Stella Dallas' legendary clothing store.
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