Inspiration Spots: Project Runway's Kara Janx Takes a Walk Through Lincoln Center

"Project Runway All Stars" star Kara Janx finds inspiration in the elegant buildings and open public spaces surrounding Lincoln Center.

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Catherine Blair Pfander
Designer Kara Janx poses in Lincoln Center.
Catherine Blair Pfander
We knew Kara Janx had design chops from her first turn on "Project Runway," but its new "All Stars" edition has us even more convinced that the designer's star is continuing to rise. (After all, if you can dress Miss Piggy, what can't you do?) We met up with Janx to peep her most inspiring New York spots. First up, Lincoln Center -- a particularly appropriate pick, considering Fashion Week is less than two weeks away.
Kara Janx
"I love Lincoln Center," says Janx. "The wide open space. It is such an amazing cultural center in the heart of New York -- all sorts of exciting performances happen here, [and] the space itself is performance."
Catherine Blair Pfander
Janx also took us to a few of the less-trafficked spots tucked behind Lincoln Center's iconic courtyard, including the unusual, raised slice of green in front of the Public Library.
Kara Janx
"My background is in architecture, and I love the juxtaposition of the spaces at the back of Lincoln Center," she explains. "The grass on the roof of one building is a very cool hang-out for me and my kiddies during the summer, but the whole space is just gorgeous!"
Kara Janx
Next, we swung through Epicurie Boulud, a gorgeously-appointed French cafe stocked with unusual ingredients and foodie gifting items.
Kara Janx
"The unusual sweets and great packaging make me want to gift the world," laughs Janx. "It's such a great place to grab a good snack and phenomenal pastries -- just perfect for an after Fashion Week fix."
Catherine Blair Pfander
Inspiring installations and interesting textures can always be found in the West Elm store, which was packed with freshly potted succulents and terrariums on the day of our visit.
Kara Janx
"Great store [and] amazing textures. They really do all the work out figuring it out for you," says Janx. "I love these hand towels. So chic, quirky and unexpected. It really makes you want to amp up on resort."
"I love everything about Columbus Circle," Janx told us, gesturing to the broad, circular shape of the surrounding buildings. Even more interesting are Peter Woytuk's newly-installed elephant sculptures. Here, a map of his other public artworks in NYC.
Catherine Blair Pfander
"It feels like the whole world travels around that traffic circle," Janx remarks. Here, the designer frames a sunny shot of Peter Woytuk's life-size elephants.
Kara Janx
"The playfulness and humor of this little elephant always makes me smile," says Janx. "It's such a contradiction to it's old-and-new world surroundings. Just perfect."
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