Inspiration Spots: Lyndsey Butler's Favorite Soho Haunts

Lyndsey Butler finds creative inspiration at Clic Gallery and her favorite Lafayette Street flower shop.

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Catherine Blair Pfander
Catherine Blair Pfander
Lyndsey Butler's edgy leather creations for VEDA have become a go-to among the hip, downtown set, so it was particularly fitting that the designer showed us around her favorite Soho spots.
Catherine Blair Pfander
We started our walk at Broome Street's furniture and design mecca, Matter, which was teeming with unusual home accents and quirky light fixtures on the day of our visit.
Lyndsey Butler
"Matter is a great place to absorb design inspiration because the pieces they have there are of the highest level of design, detail and workmanship," Lyndsey explains. "They tend to have a lot of nontraditional pieces mixed with more simple pieces, which is an aesthetic choice I often make when designing." This colorful woven textile (with an unusual tapered top) immediately caught her eye.
Catherine Blair Pfander
A cool geometric light fixture with a sharp, architectural design echoes the clean lines and crisp tailoring in Butler's own collection. Not surprisingly, the designer was compelled to snap a picture.
Lyndsey Butler
"I love the avant garde light fixtures juxtaposed with the organic textiles," Lyndsey says of the shop's unusual, high-design wares. Here, a closer look at the geometric neon chandelier.
Catherine Blair Pfander
Clic Bookstore & Gallery (located just next door to Matter) is a sure bet for anyone seeking creative inspiration. It's stocked with limited-edition art books and one-of-a-kind photo prints.
Lyndsey Butler
"No matter your mood or taste, you can find something to peak your interest at Clic," Lyndsey says. "Currently they have a large section of the store dedicated to the work of Lyle Owerko, who we have been following in our office ... If I am feeling uninspired or a little stuck Clic is a great place to wander around and discover something or someone new."
Catherine Bliar Pfander
In addition to the photography, Clic's pocket gallery boasts moody nature landscapes and colorful canvases.
Lyndsey Butler
"I loved the nature paintings in the gallery annex," says Lyndsey. "But I loved even more that I had to walk through a doorway surrounded by large photos of David Bowie to get inside to view these little gems."
Catherine Blair Pfander
Butler took us down Lafeyette Street for a visit to Garden City Floral Arts—a pint-sized florist overflowing with fresh spring blooms and flower arrangements.
Lyndsey Butler
"I love stopping in this place on my way to and from work," she says. "It feels like a treat to bring a new plant or some fresh flowers into the office or my apartment every once in awhile. The orchids on display were so epic this time they were so hard to resist."
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