Inspiration Spots: Kaelen Snoops Love, Adorned and Freeman's

Kaelen Haworth takes us on a tour of her most inspiring Nolita shops.

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The indomitable Kaelen Haworth was coming off of a late-night Montauk shoot when we met for a tour of her most inspiring spots in Nolita. If the designer was feeling any Fashion Week pressure, she didn't let it show for one second, kicking off our walk with a peek through Love, Adornedon Elizabeth Street.
Catherine Blair Pfander
"I can get very all-black-everything," Kaelen laughs, gesturing to her sleek black ensemble. "I don't like too much superfluous details, so being at Love, Adorned makes me think a bit differently, which I like." Here, she inspects a display case stuffed with vintage baubles.
Kaelen Haworth
No two of these shimmery antique rings are alike. "I love finding something really unique," Kaelen says. "You feel really great when you find something that's so incredibly special. This store is good at delivering that experience."
Kaelen Haworth
Kaelen was also interested in the funky antique fixtures and vintage home wares, snapping a picture of this tufted pink velvet settee.
Catherine Blair Pfander
Just down the block, French fragrance shop, Le Labo, specializes in fresh-blended scents with an earthy appeal. "The scents are really different, which I'm drawn to," she says. "Plus, I can get stuff for my house and my husband won't whine about it smelling like a nursery."
Kaelen Haworth
"The packaging is really beautiful," says Kaelen, who directed her lens to this textural cardboard candle box. "I love the way they do their product design."
Kaelen Haworth
"The industrial feel of the store is something that I find really inspiring," Kaelen says, referring to the elaborate metal walls that were uncovered when Le Labo moved into their Elizabeth Street space. "The detail looks so ornate and so embellished, but it's on hammered steel, so it doesn't look so overtly feminine."
Catherine Blair Pfander
Freeman's Sporting Goods on Rivington Street houses New York-made threads for stylish 'gents as well as interesting accessories, vintage books and top-notch toiletries. "They've created such an amazing picture," Kaelen says. It's such a great vision. It's interesting to go in and see that mood manifested so well."
Catherine Blair Pfander
At Freeman's, we met up with Kaelen's stylish pooch, Lola, who was recently given a particularly cool "Mom" buzz-tattoo on her rear by the store's talented barbers.
Kaelen Haworth
"If I'm thinking about doing something more tailored, I like to go to Freeman's," says Kaelen. "Their clothes are so specific but they're done so beautifully." Here, a grey chambray suit jacket with a lean lapel.
Kaelen Haworth
No Freeman's shop would be complete with a little taxidermy. Here, a slightly beat-up ram head sporting a smart black tie.
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