Inside Time Square’s New Massive Forever 21

The opening party for Forever 21's new gargantuan outpost in Times Square The Threaders hit up the opening party for the new Forever 21 megastore in Times Square last night. The gleaming, three-story trend emporium blows the rest of them out of the water.

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Thread NY
Photography by Ramy
It felt like the calm before the storm last night at the opening of Forever 21 Times Square, and we had to agree with the passer-by we overheard on the way out, as she glanced up at the jumbo-size storefront: "That's going to be a crazy mess in no time."
Thread NY
Like a giant, shiny white jewelry box, walking into Forever 21 Times Square last night felt like an oasis (though, we imagine, not calm for long) in the city's most hectic hub.
Thread NY
The sprawling store floor is segmented into a marketplace of the brand's various labels on three stories wrapped around a massive central escalator.
Per usual, it's a girly-glam haven, littered with the fast fashion retailer's trademark of-the-instant trend pieces.
Accessories are displayed in abundance on a crisp white table.
Thread NY
The jewelry nook has the vaguely candy shop feel, with its black-and-white tiles and colorful accessories arranged neatly in rows.
Thread NY
The men's section alone rivals a large boutique in sheer square footage alone.
Thread NY
In a brilliant move, this Forever 21 even offers a special section dedicated to kids -- perfect for the tourists soon to swarm the square.
And of course, the home of the $14.50 denim comes through with a big blue enclave on the middle floor.
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