Inside The Manolo Blahnik Sample Sale

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The Feast

We entered the fray at the Manolo Blahnik sample sale this morning, where frustration ran high, and quantities in popular sizes, low.

Let's just say that if you're not there yet—or, at the very least, don't have a minion holding your spot—the chances you'll get inside while there are still shoes left is nil. Most disappointingly was the glaring absence of Andre Leon Talley, who was hosting the event.

When we arrived around 11 o'clock, group B was just being let in, and the waiting room, cushy as it is, held antsy shoppers up to group R (we polled a few gals from group H and I, who'd arrived at 9 a.m.). Then, while we eavesdropped on the constant parade of arrivals hissing various forms of "what do you meeeeeeean, it's a long wait?" at check-in staff, there was an announcement: size 38 was running very low, as was 37 and, oh—wait, so was 36.

Eyes rolled and feet were stomped, while pairs of women chattered with resentment over the morning's VIP list. We managed to snag one of the lucky ones as she exited the inner sanctum with two pairs of $100 heels, but she wasn't enthused, telling us, "it's mostly big sizes, there's not much for middle range. It really wasn't as good as it has been in the past." 

It seems as if the best bet for Mano-luck is an early arrival or, even better, a spot on the VIP list.

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