Inside the J.Crew/Madewell Sale

For those trying to decide whether or not to trudge over to 36th Street for this sale, we'd like to offer two thoughts: $15 Madewell jeans and $70 Hunter rainboots.

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The J. Crew/Madewell sale is running all week at 261 West 36th Street (Mon-Fri., 10AM-7PM; Sat., 10AM-5PM), and has a surprisingly vast array of goodies. Here, a rack of J. Crew's signature colorful cashmere -- all $65.
The most spectaculary cheap item at the sale was the Madewell denim -- in three washes including the ripped boyfriend cut -- all $15, or (as the sign wisely suggested) two for $30.
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A rack of dresses yielded some gorgeous satin cocktail frocks and some work-ready wool shifts (all $60).
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Anyone got a wedding coming up? This rack of potential bridesmaid dresses might be worth sifting through.
There are several charming Madewell bags up for grabs behind the register -- from a small metallic messenger (just $40!) to the larger, statement-making tote ($199).
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A crisp yellow peacot amid a rack of other colorful wool outerwear options -- all $99.
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The women's shoe selection was packed with worthy finds -- from sequin and satin evening shoes for $99 ...
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... to wear-them-right-now booties for $129. Classic boots were along the floor, in a variety of sizes, for $159.
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Men's shoes were available in less abundance, but were still quality -- everything from loafers to lace-ups were $65.
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Spotted by the shoes -- several pair of perfectly timeless Hunter rainboots -- for just $70!
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The price list for men's and women's clothing -- the puffer vests and outerwear are likely the best deals for right now (at $40 and $99), but we were the most impressed by the denim and cashmere.
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The price list for men's and women's shoes -- the prices are reasonable, if not necessarily jaw-dropping.
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