Checked Out: TG-170's New LES Location

TG-170 has been a mainstay on the Lower East Side since 1992, way before Ludlow Street and the rest of the neighborhood became chockablock with one fashion boutique after the next. And while rising rent costs and the area's changing landscape compelled owner Terri Gillis to relocate a few blocks down to a new retail location, the move was an altogther forward-thinking one, exemplifying TG-170's enduring character as a mainstay and Gillis' innovative response to the times.

We stopped by the new location at 77 Ludlow Street, a smaller, more modern-feeling space, which showcased the same brands as the store's previous incarnation—Sula, Mociun, Surface to Air, Mara Hoffman, and jewelry by Orly Genger—but a more-focused collection. Phina, who's been working with the store on-off since 1999 told us that there was a deliberate effort to bring prices down and make the offerings more accessible, as she pointed out the newly-arrived Mociun graphic-printed t-shirts currently retailing for $55.

While the store's location is still considered to be in the LES, the area below Delancey is markedly different. "It's just a few blocks, but it's more neighborhood-ly. People who have businesses here really do love the neighborhood, and they care about all the businesses doing well," Phina added. And unlike the blocks further north, the area's not overrun with overpriced stores. "It's still unique enough that there isn't too much overlap. So if people come here, it's usually because they're seeking us out."

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