Inside Jewelry Designer Erica Weiner's Studio

We've been fans of Erica Weiner's nouveau-vintage handmade jewelry for quite some time now. Her winsome mix of repurposed vintage pieces and modern detailing -- think old Waldorf Astoria cocktail skewers shaped into rings and gold fountain pen nubs transformed into necklace charms -- make for jewelry pieces you'll want to wear day in and day out.

When it comes to sourcing, she's got one sharp eye for digging up the most unconventional of materials, and the tenacious NYC-based designer admits, she's been known to drive hours out of the city at the mere rumor of a mythic vendor sitting on a pile of some old trinkets or souvenirs waiting to be given new life. But contrary to the popular belief that diamonds are a girl's best friend, Weiner insisted that the sparkly stones just don't do it for her in our video interview.

Weiner's LES studio, complete with its mini "showroom" area for sales reminds us of an atelier from another epoch. Her use of library card catalogs to organize all her various charms, and secondhand jars applies the very same kind stylish resourcefulness that takes shape in her work. What's more, Weiner told us she has plans to open up her own boutique in the works, where we imagine the same style would extend onto the retail floor. Until then, find her pieces throughout the city here.

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