Hunter Boots Expands into Outerwear (Just in Time for a Hurricane)

Hunter Boots

The Hunter Boots brand -- long a wardrobe staple for UK residents combating the daily damp and drizzle -- has recently gone "haute," thanks in no small part to Kate Moss' dedicated wear at the Glastonbury Music Festival.

But rainwear in general is an oft-overlooked category in the market, and with the chic-ification of their booties (not to mention a massive hurricane ripping through the east coast this weekend), Hunter was wise to expand its collection into stylish outwear options this fall.

"Outerwear was the next natural extension for Hunter Boot," Hunter CEO Wendy Svarre told us. "[The brand] has a loyal following of customers that were eager to see more."

For the debut collection, "more" means fabulous slim-cut trenches, warm, wool pea coats and brightly-colored parkas to wear through the fall into colder winter months.

According to Svarre, "Functionality, style, and performance were at the core of designing the outerwear collection." As such, smart design details, like drawstring cinches for added warmth and fur-lined hoods, make the new coats even more appealing.

"We are all about protecting our customer from the elements while having fun and being fashionable," says Svarre. "Hunter is an iconic British brand, [but it can] be just as fashionable in the country taking a stroll, apres ski in Vail, or on the streets of New York City."  We have to agree about that last part. Now, if only those trenches would drop stateside before we're all soaked.

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