Hugo Boss Signs Exclusive with Macy's

Macy's is on a roll, adding Hugo Boss to its roster of designer exclusives with "The White Label" in fall 2011.

The Post reports that the partnership came about as part of a five-year plan to grow the Hugo Boss business in the U.S., where execs undoubtedly took note of recent Macy's deals with Tommy Hilfiger and just last week, Sean John.  The White Label collection will consist of lower-priced men's and women's suits, sportswear and accessories.

As usual, the initiative has some speculating on whether the less expensive merchandise will compromise the reputation of Hugo Boss' full-price regular collection, which is also sold in the department store. In an era of increasingly diverse collaborations and myriad lower-price diffusion collections, it may be some time before the full impact -- positive or negative -- of launching a lower-price line is fully registered by any one brand. However, for the time being, it's certainly improving the finances of several lines, which, for an industry in a recession, has been incredibly important.

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