Hugo Boss Presents ‘One Fragrance, One Tree’

Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss has teamed up with environmental organization, Pur, on perhaps our favorite "green" fashion biz initiative to date: Titled "One Fragrance, One Tree," the project will plant one tree in Peru's amazonian rainforest for every special-edition bottle of Hugo Element or Hugo Man produced.

The massive Peruvian plantation purchased by the Boss/Pur project covers a whopping 800 hectare--think three times the area of Central Park. Incorporating a little Web 2.0 with its "eco," each bottle of Boss' parfum is packaged with a handy "Tree Code," allowing customers to look up the exact location of the tree their purchase funded.

As for the scent itself, Hugo Element is a fresh, spicy blend of calone, ginger, coriander and cedar woods.  Pick up a bottle this January at Hugo Boss NYC locations: 555 Broadway, 401 West 14th Street and 10 Columbus Circle.

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