Honor's Giovanna Randall On Being A Perfectionist and Her Brand's Rapid Growth

Honor designer Giovanna Randall’s ascent in fashion is something of a fairytale story. She debuted her first collection in September of last year, and now with just two collections under her belt she is launching her first store, a jewel box like space in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District influenced Randall told us, “a bit by nostalgia--the graceful ladies of the past had something to do with the way it came together.” 

Randall answered our questions at last night’s store opening fête benefitting New Yorkers for Children (which supports programs for children in New York City's foster care) on who she thinks the Honor woman is, and why she thinks her brand has been able to grow so quickly.
Who is the Honor woman?
I think the Honor woman is one part Grace Kelly and one part a modern woman, like a Karen O from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Someone who is not afraid to just be anything.
What has enabled your brand to grow so quickly?
I think it was a necessity for me to do this. Right from the beginning I felt like it was the way to go--to start with a store and create this whole world. But I do feel like I have quite a long way to go still. 
What is it about Honor that women respond to?
I think I am offering something that is unique and that is a really personal experience. I make really special clothes that you can’t find just anywhere. I am offering tailored clothing that is made differently from what else is on the market at the moment too.
What is the biggest challenge that you are facing at the moment?
I think I am a perfectionist and I’m never satisfied and it’s a challenge to put aside that and accept that things are just going to keep on getting better. And just staying in the moment is a big challenge for me.
What does a typical day look like for you as someone running their own fashion company?
It’s pretty hectic but I wouldn’t trade it for anything else. I have my wonderful husband and I have a great support system. I’m very busy, but it’s really a dream for me to be able to design and to shape this company from scratch.
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