Holiday Windows: Macy’s “Make-a-Wish” Display

This holiday season, Macy's teamed up with the Make-a-Wish foundation on a series of windows that combine old-school puppetry with cutting edge tech.

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Catherine Blair Pfander
The spectacular holiday windows at Macy's Herald Square may be some of the best trafficked in all of New York City (we were elbowing hundreds of viewers out of the way just to get a peek). Designed by Paul Olszewski, this year's windows were inspired by the Make a Wish Foundation, and explore the theme of "dreams come true" through a dynamite combination of old-school animation and modern technology.
Catherine Blair Pfander
We can't say for certain if it's the first of its kind, but the department store's "design your own decoration" window adds a truly unique, interactive element to the window-viewing experience. Here, a visitor creates her own holiday ornament, which appears in the window above (and is download-able to your smart phone).
Catherine Blair Pfander
With classic Christmas tunes blasting through the speakers, Macy's windows are a seriously festive affair. Here, actual wishes from children are boarding "The Ship of Wishes."
Catherine Blair Pfander
In the laboratory window, wishes are distilled "to the essence" in bright beakers of colorful, bubbling liquid.
Catherine Blair Pfander
Using 3-D technology, these screens tell the story of a mysterious character trying to launch a ship headed to the North Star on a quest to decorate "The Tree of Wishes."
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