Hilary Swank to Design “Athleisure” Clothing Line

This week, Academy Award-winning actress Hilary Swank announced plans to launch a collection of stylish sports apparel drawing on her history as a competitive gymnast.

In the long tradition of celebs-turned-designers, few Hollywood brands actually survive (with notable exceptions in rather respected talents like the Olsen Twins and Victoria Beckham and department store phenomenon, Jessica Simpson). But something tells us Swank has enough savvy not to let her label fall victim to the usual pitfalls. Swank has already been working with the Designers Management Agency on fleshing out her concept, which co-founder Mark Beckman summarized to WWD as "a contemporary, outdoor, athleisure brand."

While the branding may take some work, it's a more novel idea than, say, eveningwear, and Swank's team is wise enough to steer clear of the nitty-gritty design process -- they're currently in the process of interviewing fashion designers. Considering the nature of the project, we've got our fingers crossed that they pick someone like up-and-comer Ohne Titel.

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