High Fives: Selma Blair

high fives selma blair thumb
Getty Images

Not all the city's most fashionable denizens were on a red carpet outside a movie premiere for the Tribeca Film Festival: Selma Blair, for example, wore this gorgeous floral dress to brunch. Granted, it was the Women's Filmmaker brunch (hosted by Ebel), so it definitely warranted some "occasion" dressing, but Blair trounced fellow guests like Jessica Alba (who was charming, if a bit lackluster, in blue shorts and a simple black cardi) with this perfectly styled piece.

This is a classic example of why it pays to have one-hit-wonder dresses in one's closet: Even if it costs a fortune, you can literally wear it with zero accessories and neutral heels -- let the focus rest squarely on the dress and let the nude heels do the work of making your legs look longer -- and create a flawless-yet-forward look. We like, especially, how the dress she chose contrasts a feminine print with edgier features like cut-outs near the neck and slightly asymmetrical sleeves. Plus, the palette of the frock is such that the floral could work in fall or spring. Overall, we'd bet this dress cost a pretty penny, but it was mighty worth it.

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