Gilt Quietly Folds Gilt Fuse

Gilt Groupe

In a move that seems to confirm that what the masses really want -- at least when it comes to sample sales -- is pure luxury, Gilt has merged its more affordable Gilt fuse sales into the main Gilt brand.

For the past year, Gilt has experienced exponential growth, creating all manner of niche offshoots -- from Gilt Fuse to Gilt Man to Jetsetter to the newly-launched City -- and this is really the first moment where the company has scaled itself back a smidge. Fuse launched last year to represent more affordable and younger-skewed brand sales from a separate spot, and a Gilt rep told Fashionista that the move had to do with streamlining user experience, turning what may have been seen as a slight stumble into a strategic move.  In truth, it's easy to see how Fuse had less success once it was farther away from the main brand -- there are only so many noon sales a gal can keep up with in any meaningful way -- but we'd also bet that Fuse also suffered from a lack of wow-factor brands on sale. When Marc Jacobs is leading Gilt's main sale, it's difficult to believe folks would head over to check out a less-expensive sale on tees or jeans.

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