Gianfranco Ferre Drops Creative Directors, Reportedly Over Poor Sales

While the Gianfranco Ferre label has lagged somewhat in terms of both attention and sales since the death of its founder in 2007, it seems that the latest influx of new talent has not done as much to revive the label as its leaders had hoped. According to a new report in WWD, Tommaso Aquilano and Roberto Rimondi -- the creative directors hired to helm the brand in 2008 -- have been released from the brand.

The report blames poor sales as the likely culprit in fueling the duo's downfall, and an anonymous retailer supports that case:

A retailer who asked to remain anonymous also blamed poor sales as the main reason for their departure. “We bought a minimal amount of the collection for the sake of carrying the brand, but there simply were not enough samples,” said the retailer. “There was almost no daywear and eveningwear was fairy tale, like something for the Oscars. It may work for a small, niche brand, but not for such a global brand.”

Aquilano and Rimondi aren't the first to fall short in reviving the Ferre label: The creative team replaced designer Lars Nilsson, who apparently never even finished a collection for Ferre. In an even more interesting twist, WWD cites a source that claims Ferre was even at one point considering hiring John Galliano to helm the ailing label, and while the group seems to have moved past that strategy, there is apparently increasing speculation that the brand may purchase LVMH's stake in Galliano's namesake label.

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