Get the Look: Backstage Beauty at Jeremy Scott

Try one of Jeremy Scott's flushed Daisy Duke looks for next spring, or just trying it out right now.

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For spring 2012, Kanas City-born designer Jeremy Scott was inspired by Ellie May Clampett of the Beverly Hillbillies, which made for some truly standout beauty looks on the runway. While those bouffant pigtails may not translate to the sidewalk, we think some of the subtler looks, like this side-swept ponytail, could totally work for everyday wear.
Catherine Blair Pfander
For beauty, MAC's lead artist, Val Garland, created fresh, dewy skin by applying a generous layer of face lotion before patting on MAC Face & Body foundation. Next came the faux freckles, applied with finely-sharpened lip pencils in Cork, Burgundy and Coffee, to give the look dimension.
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Dramatic doe-eyes were a key component of Jeremy Scott's beauty look, so thick black lashes were glued to models' lids before eyes were finished with generous applications of black eyeliner and a touch of highlighting powder.
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For lips, Garland blended a pale pink lip liner called "Synch" with a shiny gloss called "Enchantee Kissable."
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A look at the finished doe eyes and pale pink lips.
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To give the girls an innocent pink flush, Garland blended pink glosses from the MAC Lip Quad palette to create a dewy, doll-like look.
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For the curly country hair 'dos, tresses were separated and pinned into top and bottom sections before being blown-out and teased.
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Once the hair had plenty of volume, locks were curled with a hot iron and pinned up to set.
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Occasionally, two stylists were required to finish the curly Clampett hair.
Catherine Blair Pfander
Right before the show, stylists unpinned the tight curls and brushed them out to create a softer, wavy look.
Catherine Blair Pfander
A finished country pigtail look ready to walk down the runway.
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