Geren Ford Unveils Holiday Collection Inspired by Louise Bourgeois

It seems a little insane to be planning our holiday party frocks in late June, but indeed, designers are starting to roll out the racks of satin and sequins as we steam in the 90+ degree heat. Which perhaps is why the holiday collection from indie-fave Geren Ford is so appealing: Inspired by the late artist and sculptor, Louise Bourgeois, Ford's timeless party frocks could just as easily be worn to a summer soiree as a mid-December cocktail party.

Each piece in Ford's holiday lineup features gobs of subtle detailing, like the pleating around the neck on a rich mauve sheath dress, or contrasting navy piping on a magenta zip-front skirt. Some of our favorite pieces, though, are the easiest: a long sleeve jersey tee in nautical stripe, a black leather pencil skirt, a grey wool peacoat with bracelet sleeves and a soft cardigan in oatmeal are all seasonless closet staples. 

Mark your calendars, because the complete collection is slated to hit stores between October and November. Visit for details.

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