Georges Chakra: Backwards Tuxedo Dresses, Heavy on Red Carpet

georges chakra fall 2010
Getty Images

Georges Chakra has started dressing some high-profile red carpet stars of late (ahem, Carrie Underwood), which explains the packed scene at his show.The collection, however, seemed a bit fussy.

A seating snafu caused something of a bottle-neck getting into the show (we overheard someone saying there was some kind of seating snafu), so the show overall started nearly a half-hour late. Of course, there were some red carpet-worthy dresses -- one that looked like a backwards tuxedo, several that had absolutely breathtaking lace detail, and another with a long silver dress that screamed "Grammys". A series of looks toward the finale featured tie-waist red silk jackets that were pulled off to reveal black embellished dresses underneath. All the dresses felt a tad, well, prom-like. We were kind of expecting to be blown away by the glamour, but the clothing seemed to skew a bit older -- and gauging by the audience, that may just be Chakra's audience. And to be sure, there's nothing wrong with designing for your customer base.

Update: Chakra's press rep has informed us that the reason for the show's late start was less about a "seating snafu" and more about a few models getting to the show on time, which -- considering the weather and fashion week mayhem -- sounds about right.

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