Gap’s New Logo is an Attention Hog


Love it or hate it, Gap's divisive new logo has everyone abuzz. Despite not publicizing the swap, the brand's recent replacement of its iconic all-caps, serif-style logo with something a little more modern is getting Gap the most attention it's received in a while.

Understandably, this is perhaps the retail equivalent of changing the I [Heart] New York design, but it's a little unfortunate for brand's energy-conserving Recycle Your Blues Campaign, which (oh, yeah) launched today and seems have been overshadowed by all the logo hooplah.

To "Recycle Your Blues," bring in an old pair of denim—any brand, any style—to be refabricated into housing insulation, and get 30 percent off a new set of 1969 jeans. That's a development everyone can get behind (and the commercial's pretty adorable too).

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