Even Gap is Over Gap's New Logo

In case you didn't hear, Gap unveiled a new logo this week.

After two decades of their all-caps, white-text-on-blue-box icon, the brand quietly unveiled a mixed-case, Helvetica version capped off with an afterthought of a royal blue box. Things haven't gone so well since then.

Fashion and retail blogs like Refinery29 have likened the new logo to "something that looks like it was thrown together in Microsoft Word." The brand's Facebook page is awash in backlash commentary. (Note that the old logo front and center, and the new one's M.I.A.) Even design blogs are weighing in on the discussion via self-generated, logo re-re-design contests.

Today, the brand started to backpedal, issuing a statement on Facebook thanking the public for "input on the new logo" and even going so far as to solicit designs for "this crowd-sourcing project." Essentially, these seem like pretty good signs that the new Gap logo's days may be numbered.


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