Gap Takes '70s Influence From the Runway to New Denim Silhouette

Designers from Marc Jacobs to Derek Lam showed '70s silhouettes in their spring collections, and now, the Gap has jumped on the love train with the newly-introduced High Rise Trouser and Sext Boot jeans inspired by the Me Decade, and available in stores later this month.

The newest denim styles "channel a streamlined '70s look," EVP of design Patrick Robinson said in a release, making the jeans a well-priced alternative for those looking to incorporate the runway look without having to pay a hefty price tag. (It's also an interesting moment to revisit for a brand launched in 1969.)

The look that's reemerging 30 years later takes it to the max, with flared bell-bottoms, platform shoes and hot pants, in Formica colors and disco glitz. Most of all, it's a sexy look anchored by jeans that find themselves much more universally flattering than their skinny predecessors.

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